About Us

My name is Catherine and I adore my Savannahs.  I started with reading and lurking on breeders websites until I finally decided to become an owner myself.  I thought I knew what to expect from a Savannah but didn’t realize how much and how quickly I would be captured by their unique personalities.  My first cat was my F5c male Nyukie.  Staying true to the Swahili heritage I kept his name that had been given by his breeders (Ta Ziyah). His name means bee in Swahili and it could not fit him more perfectly. He purrs and humms all day long.  He is a warm golden color with beautiful black markings. HE quickly trained me to cater to his every need.  After falling in love with Nyukie I decided to add to my feline family and found my first female Layala (dark beauty) from Summerwood Savannahs.  With my Savannah family started I wanted to share my joy with others and thus created Colorado Savannahs.

Colorado Savannahs is located on the western slope of Colorado’s mountain range.  It is a perfect place to live and grow and has weather that permits us to enjoy the outdoors. Our family also includes a Weimaraner, Daisy, who helps take care of our “little” babies.

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